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Hendrikus Schraven Smelling Healthy Soil - It all starts with the Soil!


Our soil expertise comes from decades of hands-on experience and a breadth of intuitive knowledge, combined with cutting edge science, to work WITH nature, mimic her wisdom and enhance your results.


Hendrikus Organics is emerging as a true leader in the organic approach to agriculture, urban farms / gardens, food production and erosion control. Our programs and products stand the test of time.


All of our products and programs are based on our understanding of soil, and work in conjunction with nature and the soil foodweb to restore balance and vitality to both the soil and plants.


Hendrikus Organics understands the connection of our health to our soils. This serves as the foundation for all our soil enhancing products and programs, soils and classes, ensuring long-term health, vitality and sustainable success.

Get your lawn in shape!

Your lawn has different needs in every season. NOW is the perfect time to enliven your soil and lawn with Hendrikus Organics Turf Fertilizers, Seed and Soil Amendments, that will enrich your turf and carry it beautifully through every season.

Key Benefits of Our Products

Building and feeding the soil correctly returns the soil to
its original conditions as nature intended. The healthier the soil, the healthier
the plants, which produce more flowers and better yields, with less disease
and mortality.


Our organic nutrients are chosen for their role in providing soil and plant vitality, and the highest quality for certified organic crop production.


Our products are alive with beneficial microbes to strengthen the soil’s microbial community, improve soil sustainability and increase nutrient uptake.

Nutrient Rich

Packed with the nutrients that microbes and plants love, our products are custom blended to provide both immediate and long lasting results.


Granulation brings another level of quality and performance by ensuring simple and even distribution of all nutrients in every granule, and a dust free product.

No Bad Odor

Our superior humic lignin gives our products an enjoyable coffee-like smell, unlike most organic fertilizers that carry that unpleasant “organic” odor.

Cost Saving

Improved soil and plant conditions need less fertilizer over time to maintain their health and vitality, saving you money with continued use of our products.

You did WHAT to your SOIL?

Want a Soil Expert at your side?
Need help with your soil, but not sure exactly what will work?

Learn from the best: The Soil Whisperer

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  • Seminars
  • Custom Blending
  • Scheduled Hands-On Classes


Standards you can trust!

Time-tested, Organic FERTILIZERS, Soil Products & Programs

We go beyond the highest organic standards to provide you with outstanding products & programs that restore health and vitality to your soil, your gardens, your crops and your lawn.

  • Approved for Organic Food Production
  • Pesticide Free
  • GMO Free
  • Manure / Animal Waste Free
  • Low in Heavy Metals

“When Nature and the book disagree … throw away the book!”


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