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Hendrikus Organics Products FAQs

Years of experience have shown us firsthand what works well with nature, what products and ingredients provide the best results within a diversity of surroundings or situations. Our ingredients are chosen and our blends formulated by their outstanding ability to synergize with the soil and plants; paying attention to nutrient balance, soil and plant needs, short and long term results for sustainability of both soil fertility and plant vitality, disease resistance and optimum nutrition.

Few companies offer granulated fertilizers – because it increases costs. We feel granulation is critical, and the only way, other than liquid fertilizers, to guarantee even distribution of nutrients throughout your crops, gardens or lawns. We consciously choose ingredients that have the lowest heavy metal contents, striving to be well below maximum background standards because we care about soil, environmental and personal health.

  • We do not use animal manures in our products in order to guarantee an excellent product that has a steady stream of nutrients.
  • Approved Organic by USDA National Organics Program for certified organic food production and certainty of organic quality
  • Simplicity of application – six balanced blends products cover all the types of plant materials, soils and climatic conditions
  • Blended to provide a complete array of nutrient sources, with added soil microbes (beneficial bacteria, fungi and mycorrhizae)
  • Granulated, even distribution of nutrients, easy application – no dust
  • No animal manure or waste products
  • Enjoyable coffee-like odor, no unpleasant “organic” smell, like most other organic fertilizers
  • One of the lowest in heavy metals count exceeding WSDA organic standards by 75 to 98% for most ingredients
  • Time tested & proven for over 25 years by Hendrikus in his award winning projects
  • Custom blended for both immediate and long lasting results offering maximum benefit in fewer applications than other fertilizers, organic or chemical
  • Continual research to keep our formulas the best available
  • Cost savings with continued use through improved soil and plant conditions that need less fertilizer to maintain health
  • Locally owned and manufactured
  • Designed with knowledge of local climatic & soil conditions
  • Safe for family & pets: contains no toxins, only safe, natural and organic ingredients. Can enjoy garden right after application.
  • Safe for wild life:  no poison damage that results in death, retardation, genetic mutation, deformity and low birth rates
  • Safe for fish: our fertilizers combined with living healthy soils will not leach into lakes, streams or ponds
  • Does not pollute our soil or drinking water
  • Share of our profits are re-invested into local and national groups that support organic environmental and personal health