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Liquid Fertilizers & Soil Conditioners

100% Organic and USDA Approved for Organic Crop Production

Liquid Fertilizers and Conditioners play an important and very beneficial role in plant and soil health. Our liquid products give an immediate nutrient boost and catalyst to plants or turf and can be used both as a soil drench and as a foliar spray.

Because they are organic, they will not leech through the soil like liquid chemical fertilizers. The soil microbiology will utilize the instantly available liquid fertilizer’s nutrition for the plants, keeping the nutrients in the soil. The N-P-K on liquids is lower because it is are not meant as a long-term slow release fertilizer, rather as a supplant to a program of granular fertilizing. This lower N-P-K also allows for foliar spray applications that are gentle and effective on plant leaves.

Our liquid soil conditioner is an extremely effective adjunct to every fertilizer program and gives immediate results. Hendrikus calls it the “Avatar” effect on plants. Rich in carbon and humic acids, our soil conditioner is a soil building nutrient catalyst that makes everything in the soil work better, to greatly benefit all types of plants.


OceanMagic™ 2-2-0.3

Provides a consistent feeding with Biochar that improves soil tilth and cation exchange capacity, enhances humic formation and retention of water and nutrients, particularly in combination with mycorrhizal fungi.

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HuMagic® Liquid

Natural biologically active Humate. Revitalizes potting soil, improves rooting of starts, naturally chelates vital minerals, restores fertility to garden soil, landscapes, and turf.

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