Born and raised in Chicago, Nirav became intrigued with organics and living a healthy lifestyle in her teens, long before they were even topics of discussion – because it made sense. She headed for new territories in her early twenties, drove cross-country in her decked out Volkswagen Beatle (a classic today!) to see what the West Coast and a new frontier would offer. Settling in the San Francisco Bay and Santa Rosa areas for 10 years, she furthered her education and experience in business strategies and solutions, and continued her interests in health, fitness and man’s physical and spiritual connection to nature and all of life.

Health and wellbeing has been a solid foundation in her philosophy, career and activities ever since. It was never a question to her that we should love and respect nature, treat our environment with care, take responsibility for our own health, and treat each other with the same energy we want to receive ourselves. Raised with traditional old school values, she is an adamant walk your talker, with a German-Cherokee heritage that gets things done.

She combined her energies with Hendrikus’ expertise in the 1980’s and from there they brought their landscape construction company to the cutting edge of environmental design integrity and creativity, earning numerous awards and setting a new standard in the Puget Sound for what constituted quality and artisanry.

Passionate about organics, she and Hendrikus brought their own blend of organic fertilizers to their landscapes in the 1980’s, and from there she forwarded the Hendrikus Organics division of the Hendrikus Group to the well-known and highly respected brand it is today. Wanting to reach more people with their organic message she developed and designed their websites, instigated their role on the King5 Ciscoe show, and continues to promote, educate and supply people with ways to create a healthier, more energetic and fulfilling lifestyle.

“It is my passion and my commitment to inspire people to move to an organic lifestyle, to improve their health, have a youthful energy and vitality no matter their age, and to open their eyes and mind to ways to improve our planet and our environment.

I designed this website to be provocative, to educate, and to be helpful for more people to open, what I call, the organic door. We have a ways to go. As a planet, our environment is in trouble; as a people, our health is suffering. Each one of us who moves to an organic lifestyle, and supports ways that benefit our earth, moves us one step closer to true sustainability and a healthy planet for our children.” Nirav

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