Organic Fertilizers

100% Organic and USDA Approved for Organic Crop Production – We love soil! And we understand soil. We understand the soil’s microbial community, and the importance of supplying the right food sources to restore, enliven and support the life in our soils so that it will perform to its optimum.

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HuMagic® is a dynamic soil builder, conditioner and nutrient catalyst from a unique carbon-rich deposit of humus, comprised of predominantly lignin based vegetation, aged for centuries to a stable state. This living humus is one of the finest humates on the market, rich in active, available humic and fulvic acids, carbon, natural macro and micro nutrients along with trace minerals. There is often much confusion between

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Soil Conditioners

Conditioning your soil is different than fertilizing your soil, and both play important roles in providing a fertile environment for optimum plant growth.

Fertilizing your soil is all about providing the food source for the microbes to proliferate and deliver nutrition to your plants. Your soil condition is all about the soil environment in which the microbes live and your plant grows.

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Plant Starter

StartRight® Organic Plant Starter is a balanced combination of beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae in a bio-stimulant nutrient base that assists new plants and transplants in their development of root systems and new hair roots.

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Turf Seed

Starting a new lawn or reseeding your current grass area is more than just about the specific ways you prepare your area for a successful, lush and healthy lawn.

The SEED you choose is probably the most critical of the components you decide on. Your choice will determine the performance you get from your seed and whether your lawn is dense, healthy and disease resistant.

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