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Virginia Pipeline Right of Ways Go Organic

Hendrikus Organics helps to restore healthy vegetation and habitat in Pipeline Rights of Way! Results of the first trials showed a 200-300% increase in germination with increased growth.

After experiencing poor results on regrowth in the pipeline rights of way (ROW), a forward-thinking utility company, NiSource, collectively with Grow with Trees, sought out a better solution and a more sustainable approach in hopes of implementing these around pipelines that cross six southern/eastern states currently managed by NiSource.


Having heard of Hendrikus’ innovative and successful work with organic soil restoration and erosion issues, they brought Hendrikus Organics on board to solve the problem and help forma new game plan in right of way mitigation.

Starting with a small test area of 1 mile, Grow with Trees simply added our HuMagic to their current hydro seeding mix. Results of that test plot showed a 200-300% increase in germination and an overall observable increase in growth. From there on it was full steam ahead.

Hendrikus started by creating organic specifications for hydroseeding with hydro wood fiber mulch,plus a more sustainable and organic approach for future ROW clearing that would allow nature to regenerate more quickly and lessen erosion issues.

Venturing out to Virginia in the Spring of 2016 to do the first trials on 5 miles of ROW, Hendrikus taught the first hydro seeders his organic mix and worked with them as they sprayed on the new seed, mixed with Hendrikus Organics Complete 6-4-4 and HuMagic Granular, two of our star performers.

As they worked through the sections, Hendrikus also taught the managers from NiSource the techniques they should start using when they initially clear an area that will immediately lessen erosion, cut costs and set the way for the restorative organic hydroseeding to follow using their new Hendrikus Organics formulas and specifications.

Educating and updating outdated costly programs that affect the safety and environment of us all is important to Hendrikus Organics and part of our overall mission.  It brings us another step closer to awaken professionals to utilize their talents and passions to not only care for the sustainability of their bottom line but most importantly for the sustainability of our the planet.

IMAGES FROM THE FOLLOWING SPRING (2016)  dramatically show the revival of the soil and healthy vegetation following the Hendrikus Organics hydroseeding program. The first three images show the native vegetation and the 4th image after maintenance mowing.