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Classes with Michael

Every year we offer ongoing classes at our Distributors to help Customers with improving their lawns, gardens and soil health! Our Early Spring Classes will revolve around Turf and how to create a lush, green, easy to care lawn.

Read more about our Turf Expert.

There are currently no events scheduled.

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Educational Talks & Interviews Include

  • International Erosion Control Association (IECA)
  • American Association of Landscape Professionals (AALP)
  • Oregon Tithe Association (OTA)
  • Mother Earth News Fairs (MENFair)
  • North West Flower & Garden Show (NWFGS)
  • Seeking Health Education Institute Conference (SHEICON)
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Neil Nathan, Dr. Mary Jane Clifton
  • Alaska Department of Transportation
  • Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP)
  • Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD)
  • Rose Society of Washington
  • North West Horticultural Society (NWHS)
  • Pacific North West Erosion Control Association (PNWECA)…
  • Plus numerous public classes through all our wonderful Distributors.

Dr. Mercola and Hendrikus Schraven on Soil Restoration

Natural health expert and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Hendrikus Schraven about soil restoration.

Dr. Mercola and Hendrikus Schraven on Soil Restoration (FULL INTERVIEW)

Hendrikus talks about restoring contaminated soils by improving the quality of the microbiome in the soil.

How to Become a Soil Chef!

Interview with Mary Clifton, MD. Hendrikus and Nirav speak on soil and how to become a SOIL CHEF!

Booking Seminars and Classes

We love to teach and educate people, through speaking engagements, seminars, workshops and our websites. Core to our mission is to provide useful tools and knowledge so that you have profound success in implementing and sustaining an organic approach that works WITH Nature.

Understanding how intimately weaved everything we do with our soil affects our lives and our well-being allows us to make better decisions in our gardens, edibles, agriculture, food sources, health care, construction, landscapes, erosion. They are all connected.

To learn more about booking Hendrikus and Nirav for a presentation to your association or interview on your show, please email us at hs@hendrikus.com regarding the specific needs of your organization.

Here are some clips from various talks that we hope you will enjoy.

Our complete video library of talks is part of our Soil to Health Connection Classes.


Seeking Health Educational Institute Conference, May 2016 – A Conference for Alternative Health Care Professionals, Hendrikus speaks on the Soil to Health Connection.

HENDRIKUS & NIRAV at Mother Earth News Fair 2014

Learn how to get Down & Dirty – Test and Amend your Soil with Your Own Two Hands and Your Own Common Sense.

HENDRIKUS & NIRAV at Mother Earth News Fair 2014

Learn how to get the most from what you grow with High Nutritional Organic Foods – Growing Nutrient Dense Foods.